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At C&R Home Improvements, Inc., we carry competitively priced options for double-hung windows from quality brands.  Our purchasing power allows us to pass the savings down to our Chicagoland customers, giving them quality high end products for less.

The Benefits of Having Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are very popular in the Chicagoland area. Our Double-Hung Windows are easy to maintain, we offer multiple styles and they are energy efficient!  We only carry the best brands for replacement windows, so that you can ensure your double-hung window will last for years.

Why Double Hung Windows in the Chicagoland Area?

A double hung window is a sliding window where both top and bottom window sashes slide open vertically. The only difference between single hung and double hung is that in a single hung only the bottom window sash opens while the top sash is fixed in place. In a double hung, both window sashes slide to open, and also tilt for easy maintenance.

One of the best benefits when opening the double-hung window is in the summer, the double-hung window offers the option of larger openings that can allow more fresh air to free flow.  In the wintertime, Double-Hung windows allow you the flexibility to only open a portion of the window to prevent heat and energy loss.  Double-hung windows are a perfect window option for the Chicagoland climate along with adding significant curb appeal to your home!

Double-Hung Windows Include the Following Features:

  • Welded airtight mainframe and sash
  • 7/8”-thick double-pane thermal glass
  • Double locks on double-hung windows over 27” in width
  • Half-screens (for both double- and single-hung windows)
  • Anti-lift blocks that prevent the window sash from being removed from the outside
  • The option of glass upgrades, including Low-E or Low-E with argon gas
  • The option of colonial- and prairie-style grids

Double hung windows from C&R Home Improvements, Inc. could be perfect for your next window installation in Chicagoland.  Call us today at (847) 537-7663 for your free estimate.