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Siding does far more than beautify your home. It protects the interior from the ravages of weather and ensures your energy bills stay within reason thanks to its insulation value. Yes, siding is a great option, no matter the type you choose. The options for color and style are endless, giving homeowners a limitless range of choices and that’s before the materials are even discussed. From vinyl to wood, the selections available, and their tremendous durability and curb appeal, will add years to your home’s lifetime and keep you worry-free for the duration.

Wood Siding -- A Classic Look

If you currently own, or are thinking of purchasing, a home with wood siding, you’re probably a fan of older structures with some real character and history. It takes quite a bit more maintenance and care to keep wood siding in working order, so it’s usually replaced with a vinyl or aluminum siding during the structure’s lifetime making original wood a rarity in Chicagoland While it’s a beautiful way to enclose a home, there are some very serious dangers that have to be avoided to maintain the aesthetic and functional value of the wood, including insects, moisture and warping. Without regular staining, replacement of trouble boards, and constant monitoring, your wood siding, they will not stay healthy for very long. We can help extend that lifetime for years with regular maintenance, so make the call to work with the area’s best wood siding contractor.

Aluminum Siding -- Durability & Strength

Aluminum siding has become more and more popular over the years due to its incredible durability and low maintenance costs. Aluminum siding is applied to your home in strips with both the top and bottom sealed to prevent moisture entry. It comes in every imaginable color and can be installed both horizontally & vertically. With aluminum siding, there’s no need to paint and it’s relatively inexpensive for traditional aluminum. The modern vinyl-coated siding cuts the noise and denting down to a minimum, but costs a bit more to purchase and install. Want to learn more about the benefits of modern aluminum siding?  Call C&R Home Improvements, Inc. today!

Vinyl Siding -- The Popular Choice

Vinyl siding was introduced after aluminum and aimed to solve some of the issues found with the older materials. In many ways, vinyl is the best solution available for encasing the outside of your home. It’s relatively inexpensive, it seals well against moisture, and it doesn’t need to be painted. It is the most-used siding material, vinyl siding can be found in all states and all climates. Its one weakness is cold impacts. As with many modern materials, extreme cold can cause it to become brittle and crack when struck. When damage is done, the only solution is new siding to cover the spot. That’s another reason vinyl is the material of choice, it is a cheaper replacement than other siding materials. If you are in the market for vinyl siding, then call us today!

Cedar Siding -- A Beautiful Look

Cedar siding is a wonderful siding investment for any home. Cedar siding is durable and beautiful, thus making it very attractive to Chicagoland homeowners. It is resistant to moisture, which is great for humid summers or snowy winters. When it is time to replace your home's siding, then call C&R Home Improvements, Inc., we would be happy to assist you with your cedar siding needs.  Our prices are extremely reasonable, meaning you can get quality cedar siding without breaking the bank.