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Chimney Repairs

Chicagoland is known for its long brutal winters. As a homeowner, you're going to want a working chimney when the first snow falls. If you're dealing with broken chimney caps or damaged masonry, schedule a chimney repair as soon as possible.  Chimney flashing helps preserve the integrity of your roof and chimney. If the flashing is damaged, water could seep into the roof and cause leaks in your home. While flashing is durable, it will eventually need to be repaired due to harsh weather conditions.

Whether it is minor repairs, resealing the area, or replacing the flashing altogether, you can trust C&R Home Improvements, Inc. to provide the perfect solution. We use the best materials and have the experience to make your repairs last.

Brick Repair

The visual appeal of brick is one of the main reasons homeowners choose it. Don't let cracks, weather damage or scuffing ruin your curb appeal or risk your structure. Let the experts at C&R Home Improvements, Inc. preserve your brick.  We provide brick repair services in Chicago & the northwest suburbs of Chicago. With our experience & masonry expertise, we will restore your brick exterior to like-new condition.

Chimney Caps & Covers

A quick and inexpensive way to protect your chimney is by installing a chimney cap. It is like installing screens on your windows!  A chimney cap allows smoke to vent while preventing the escape of sparks or embers that could start a fire on your roof or nearby greenery. Plus, a chimney cap helps keep rain, debris & critters from entering your chimney. Most chimney caps are made of copper or stainless steel. The cap should be sized to fit securely over the opening of your chimney.

Water is the enemy of your chimney. Moisture can seep into cracks, separate mortar, and damage your chimney liner. Birds, mice, and chipmunks are nice to see in your backyard, but you don’t want them in your chimney. A properly sized & secured chimney cap can help prevent excessive moisture & animals from getting into your chimney.


Over time, mortar joints deteriorate and fall out. We remove damaged mortar from the joints between bricks and replace it with new color matched mortar leaving your walls watertight and looking new.

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